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September 2015

Altlaw Mobile - Taking Technology to the Data

Altlaw mobile

We had an interesting case recently, which we thought you might be interested in hearing about.

An international Law Firm required an ‘in-house' solution for processing and review. Due to the sensitivity of the particular project, the data could not be moved, and therefore the client required that the solution would need to be installed at their offices.

Altlaw suggested their portable solution, dubbed Altlaw Mobile, a custom built Server Array, which is powered by edt software. In this instance, no outside/online access was permitted, nor unauthorised access from within the network, resulting in Altlaw placing the tool behind their firewall, allowing the client to have complete control over every aspect of access and security.

The initial estimation for data ingestion was quite small, but very quickly grew to approximately 1.5TB or 1500GB. The scalability of our mobile solution enabled us very easily and quickly to expand and add more power and storage without interrupting the ongoing processes.

The project required that two separate and independent review teams were able to simultaneously review the documents in the same database without visibility of the work being done by the other team. We were able to have these securities in place so that the review could go ahead even as the data was being ingested.

In addition; to assist with the ingestion and processing, Altlaw technicians were dispatched to give ‘round the clock' assistance and support to the Client In-House team.

The Altlaw Mobile Solution, is a complete and powerful, end to end eDiscovery processing and Review platform, capable of handling multiple cases/projects simultaneously with no limits on data or users, and is available to be installed in-house, or client site, for a fixed monthly rental. Full support and training is on hand from our experienced team, 24/7.

The system also lends itself perfectly to be deployed within Europe where Data Privacy laws restrict the movement of Data across borders. We are able to take the technology to the data and process, cull and review within those borders, so that only relevant, and therefore much smaller data sets are required to be moved outside of that jurisdiction, making compliance much simpler.

If you would like further details, please call our team on 020 7490 1646 or email