Altlaw news

April 2015

‘I can't believe it's NOT Relativity!'


In addition to Relativity, Altlaw will now be offering a new simple cost effective, FIXED PRICE review solution for matters that involve a less complex work flow and a smaller volume of data.
“Review Lite” is a fully functional review tool that will allow clients to conduct the full range of review elements including producing and receiving disclosure list and document exchange
without incurring additional charges for the “bells and whistles” that are often superfluous to requirements.

A new product to the UK, this tool has been widely used and approved by major US law firms and corporate clients. Altlaw is excited to be able to introduce this dynamic option to these shores.

Altlaw will continue to offer the same excellence of support as it does for all our other offerings.

With no set-up fees and capped monthly charges, this tool will allow clients to have cost certainty and transparency at a very early stage of any matter.

We look forward to demonstrating the new platform on request.