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June 2015

Altlaw FIXED PRICE 'Review Lite'

Fixed Price

Altlaw FIXED PRICE 'Review Lite' Altlaw has received phenomenal interest in our fixed price ‘Review Lite' tool.

Ideal for smaller projects, ‘Review Lite' is a fully functional review tool which will allow clients to conduct the full range of review elements including producing and receiving disclosure lists and document exchange, all at a fixed, up-front cost.

This platform is new to the UK and  has been widely used and approved by major US law firms and corporate. Altlaw is pleased to be able to offer this dynamic fixed price option to our UK and European clients. There are no set-up fees, monthly hosting fees or user fees. Our fixed pricing model will allow our clients to have cost certainty and transparency at a very early stage of any matter.
Functions of ‘Review Lite' include:

  • Immediate data visibility
  • Full searching and tagging
  • Automated review batch creation and review workflow
  • Comprehensive review management
  • Multi-format viewer
  • Intuitive user friendly GU
  • Search building wizard

For a demonstration, or to register a project, call our team on 020 7490 1646

Fixed Price