eDiscovery & Legal Document Services

Forensics Data Collection

An often neglected area in the litigation process is the efficient and traceable collection and recovery of client data. Crucial to this process is ensuring that all data is collected and handled correctly.

  • Altlaw’s certified computer forensic investigators can travel worldwide for autonomous defensible Data Collection
  • Any type of evidence collection method available, from open data stop orders, to covert monitoring or data capture
  • Data collected from any electronic device and any storage medium
  • All procedures follow a Silver Platter Doctrine standard, in line with law enforcement procedures.
  • Full Chain of Custody is available from project start to finish, ensuring zero risk against data spoilation

Computer Data collection & Investigation

Often key data is hidden, intentionally destroyed or password protected. To ensure all evidence is subject to a litigation review, Altlaw’s computer forensics investigators can quickly build cases based on custodial data, revealing off-site email, portable storage usage or user-created passwords.

Using these techniques, clients can be confident that absolutely everything has been considered, right from the very beginning.

  • Deleted files are recovered, user-created protected data is revealed and file encryption is cracked
  • Computer investigation is backed up with full Chain of Custody and a defensible expert witness statement
  • Once the forensic investigation is complete, clients have a clear, complete and accurate picture of exactly what took place, when, on any one piece of electronic equipment – and who was responsible for doing it