Don’t Panic, all Hail Altlaw

Trial bundles can be pain free if you follow the rules.

trial bundlesIf every good junior lawyer didn’t understand the importance of producing
an accurate trial bundle for court, they certainly do now after the recent #bundlegate episode in the high court.  When it comes to preparing trial bundles for court there are many pointers and guidelines to take into consideration.  

Production is generally considered to be a laborious administrative task and is consequently often assigned to trainees and paralegals but this should not deflect on the necessity to get it right.  

What is a trial bundle?

The purpose of a trail bundle is to assist lawyers and the courts to access relevant documents and affect a smooth-running process throughout the hearing.  It has been said that a good trial bundle will not win a case but a bad one may damage it. A happy balance should also be made when deciding what documents need to be included and as referred to in White Winston Select Asset Funds LLC and another v Mahon and another abuilding up from nothing” approach should be preferred to “thinning down from everything”.

Key considerations are: 

  • What to include/exclude. 
  • How to make the bundle easily navigable using an accurate index, dividers & pagination 
  • Ensuring that the most relevant documents are accessible (a core bundle containing the most relevant documents is advisable when the trial bundle is particularly document heavy).
  • That the files are clearly marked on the fronts and spines for identification, to allow the trial to run smoothly with as little delay as possible.  A judge’s time is valuable and limited, so time cannot be taken up searching through a badly produced trial bundle.

Full guidelines can be found at:

Why Altlaw?

Our Production Team at Altlaw have masses of experience in the copying of trial bundles. 

The importance of the attention to detail and timeliness required is certainly not lost on us.  We understand the process implicitly and have frequently spotted mistakes within the bundles before they have ended up in front of the judge.  This experience is essential when our clients request to produce multiple sets on time for court.

If you are tasked with creating a trial bundle and you need our help to produce sets accurately and to meet the court’s deadline you can contact us 24/7 on 020 7490 1646.