Legal Photocopying

Altlaw carry out your critical support tasks, ensuring you are spending your time and budgets in the most efficient way possible. With agility, speed and professionalism – with us, your documents are in the safest hands.


Our photocopying services are fast and efficient, perfect for organisations in need of a reliable and consistent service. No job is too big or too small. We have the capabilities to take on even the largest of photocopying task as we can reproduce documents in huge volumes while meeting exceptionally tight deadlines. This is made possible due to our top-of-the-range facilities and print room, comprised of fast, networked high volume machines as well as smaller digital machines that are ideal for complex glasswork type jobs.

Our print room is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, meaning we are never off the grid and you can rest assured, knowing your documents will be with you at the earliest possible time.

Our strict procedures ensure that each job is carefully managed from pick-up, inventory, time-assessment, production and quality checks through to delivery.


We offer cost-effective scanning solutions for you and your business. We capture any size of document while maintaining the highest quality. Like with any of our services at Altlaw, we act with speed, professionalism and care so you know that you are paying a great price, without compromising on the quality.

Using high-speed, high-volume scanners, large amounts of documents can be captured in multiple file formats, enabling the user to view the files as .tiff, .jpg or .pdf, import the files into end user Electronic Document Management software, or onto a corporate Intranet/Extranet site.

Data Printing

Using specialist software, Altlaw is capable of printing from data stored on removable media and in online data repositories. We can also organise secure ftp transfer of data for printing.

Multiple file formats within complex directory structures are printed in the correct order automatically.

Entire email folders (.pst) and their attachments can be printed with separator sheets displaying the root address of the file/folder or both, enabling the client to easily identify each document. A complete log of the printing job can be supplied with detailed ‘fingerprint’ information such as creation date, author and root address of each individual document printed. This allows the client to perform a simple cross check between the printed documents and the disk log.


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